Dr. Michael Weisberg at Smile Builders offer the Invisalign system as an alternative to metal braces. No wires needed. Invisalign is the #1 dentist recommended clear aligner treatment.

A series of clear, customized appliances, called aligners, will straighten your teeth to the desired position. Each aligner is custom fitted to your mouth during each phase of the alignment process. They are easily removable for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

Invisalign can treat dental conditions, such as:

  • Gap teeth. Gap teeth (or spacing issues) is what the extra space between two or more teeth is called.

  • Crowded teeth. Crowded teeth are bunched up, twisted, or overlapped. It could be because there isn’t enough room in your jaw for all of the teeth.

  • Overbite. If your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth, this is called an overbite. Most people have a little bit of an overbite. An ideal overbite is 5% to 25%. However, if it is more pronounced, you can develop jaw pain and worn teeth.

  • Underbite. If your bottom teeth are in front of your top teeth when you close your mouth, this is called an underbite.

  • Open bite. An open bite is when your top and bottom teeth do not meet when you close your mouth.

  • Crossbite. If some of your teeth are sitting inside your lower teeth and some teeth are sitting outside, this is called a crossbite.