Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is removal of a tooth from the bone. This is usually necessary because of disease or injury, unless extractions are needed for the placement of dentures, bridges, or braces.

There are many reasons that a tooth may need to be pulled, including:

  • Extra teeth that block other teeth from coming in.

  • Making room for teeth to move when applying braces.

  • Teeth that are in the way when receiving radiation for cancer.

  • Some cancer drugs can weaken the immune system and lead to tooth decay.

  • Wisdom teeth can cause many problems, such as decay, pain, or infection.

After removing a tooth, an implant, denture, or bridge can be placed to replace the missing tooth.

The dentists at Smile Builders know that a lot of people get worried about having teeth pulled. It is not as scary as it sounds. Sometimes, knowing what will happen ahead of time will ease fear more than anything.

You will be given a shot of anesthetic. The area where the tooth will be removed will be totally numb. In some instances, a general anesthetic might be used, but this is rarely needed.

Dr. Weisberg and his team will discuss the entire procedure with you before starting and make you as comfortable as possible.