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From a routine exam and cleaning to full-mouth rehabilitation, Smile Builders is equipped to handle all of your dental needs. To help you understand more about our office, we have included brief descriptions of some of our most common services. Click the links below to read more about each service.

Pediatric Dentistry at SmileBuilders

Dentists who offer pediatric dental care are NOT pediatric dentists: there is a major difference.

Pediatric dentists undergo 3 years of additional schooling that are child-specific, including not only the specific anatomy of a child’s teeth but the special communication skills necessary to keep them calm, feeling welcomed and safe. Pediatric dentists are specifically trained to provide an anxiety-free place for children of all ages. From the first baby tooth to cavity prevention once the permanent teeth appear, Smile Builders is your perfect partner in working to promote your child’s good oral health!

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Orthodontics at SmileBuilders

There are some important advantages that Smile Builders has over most dental practices when it comes to providing orthodontic treatment. As pediatric specialists, the doctor supervises your child's growth and development. This allows the interjection of orthodontic care at the ideal time…and monitoring their overall dental health and hygiene throughout the entire orthodontic treatment.

Because we provide excellence in both pediatric and orthodontic care, your child develops a relationship with our doctors at an early age. This makes it so much easier to stress the importance of following the doctors’ instructions concerning proper care of braces, appliances, expanders and any other specialized equipment.

Orthodontics is the process of improving the overall function and esthetic appeal of teeth. Smile Builders utilizes the very best state-of-the-art procedures and treatments to provide the very best outcomes. With innovations such as Invisalign and Suresmile, you have more options than ever before. Smile Builders NEVER uses a process that hasn’t been proven safe and effective. Each treatment we provide is clinically proven and extensively field tested to ensure comfort and desired results for you and your child.

Smile Builders offers a comprehensive range of dental care to help you maintain optimal oral health and wellness. We serve everyone in Monsey, NY and all surrounding areas. New adult and child patients are always welcome!

Please contact our office for any additional inquiries of our services.